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About OSI

OSI offers a comprehensive array of risk management services for adventure programmes. Our aim is to address risk management concerns before catastrophy occurs. We offer an external perspective, a unique audit process and experienced staff and consultants. Running an outdoor programme can have many pitfalls and OSI can be your partner in smoothing the path ahead.

Risk management

Risk management is a proactive process that seeks to reduce the chance of an accident taking place. Despite everyone's best efforts problems may still occur. Risk management planning focuses on minimizing the possibilities of an accident or incident. There are many steps that need to be taken and decisions that need to be made to give your organisation an effective plan to mitigate risk. OSI can assist your organisation in developing effective risk management plans.

Staff and consultants

Dr Grant Davidson and Chris Knol are recognised as experienced and knowledgable practitioners in contemporary risk management practices. As well OSI has a worldwide network of expert consultants. These consultants work with clients who are nearby and also provide expertise in a wide range of adventure activities.